Saturday, June 2, 2012

Hello, What's This All About?

Compilation of snapshots of me at various life stages.

 To see a World in a Grain of Sand...
And  Heaven in a Wild Flower
Hold Infinity in the Palm of your hand
And Eternity in an hour.
Benoit Mandelbrot

I am Anu,  an Australian woman, now in my 70's.  The story I will tell on this blog is from when I was 28-31 years old, a young woman in the prime of life.  
I wrote this story in the early 1990's and apart from a few minor adjustments it is basically ready to go here.  I had huge reservations about publishing it then, unwilling to sacrifice trees for paper to serve my ego. This blog is my way of getting some of my story out without using precious resources. I like the idea of it living on in The Cloud, long after I'm gone. Something for posterity for others to ponder in some unknowable future.

My first posts will be called Book 1 which is the prelude to Book 2 - the story of my long walk from Morocco to India in search of the Truth.

Book 1 starts on the Spanish Balearac island of Formentera at the start of 1968 and tells of my journey down into Morocco, walking with a donkey along the coast south of Essouira. Interspersed are flashbacks to my previous life: leaving Australia in 1965, travelling by ship, then overland from Genoa to Greece and on by ship across the Aegean to the Greek island of Kastellorizo in the Dodecanese, east of Rhodos. After living there some months I travelled back across Europe to England, settling in Devon for some 8 months then moving on to London for a year or so before deciding to live in an isolated finca on Formentera in the hope of fulfilling my dreams of being a writer. But then everything changes, as you will read.

Book 2 starts in the monastery of Montserrat near Barcelona in Spain and details my long walk across Europe & Mesopatamia to India and my life in India. My pilgrimage seeking the Truth.  What I found and how I eventually came to understand the Nature of IT All and our/my place in IT.

Everything I write here is what actually happened, unembellished. My words reflect the way I thought, perceived and expressed myself at the time of the experiences. Times have changed and so have I, along with most of my thinking. I look back and laugh at my abysmal ignorance and naivity.  Laugh with me, or cry as I sometimes do too.

I will post my words in short digestable grabs but with no predictable regularity. If you want to get my latest I suggest you Follow this blog.

Book 1 starts in my next post.

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